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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Why is Alan Dershowitz Defending trump?

It seems odd that Alan Dershowitz has become the most powerful defender of trump.
This afternoon on MSNBC Dershowitz said that even if trump colluded with Russia. there was no crime committed.
Now he is going after the Special Council, Robert Mueller.

Dershowitz went on a Wild Rant, saying Mueller’s Powers are Limited.
Recently, President Donald Trump reiterated his long-held stance that there was no collusion between him and Russia when it comes to election interference. At the same time, he added a little caveat, stating that he could only speak for himself, perhaps throwing his associates and campaign members under the bus. Of course, this was all in relation to the announcement of ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller a special counsel in the Russia probe.

 Well, during a pretty wild little segment on CNN, famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz let it be known that he doesn’t think Mueller has any jurisdiction when it comes to investigating potential collusion between Trump and the Russians over election interference. Why? Because Dershowitz doesn’t think that is a criminal act.

“Let’s assume that’s true,” he exclaimed. “Show me the criminal statute. I still sit here as a civil libertarian. I don’t want us ever to become what Stalinist Russia became when Stalin was saying, show me the man I’ll find you the crime. What is the crime?!”
When anchor Anderson Cooper brought up there is a difference when it comes to illegal collusion, Dershowitz agreed but said that is all in the purview of politics.
“That’s a political issue,” the lawyer said. “That doesn’t give Mueller jurisdiction. Mueller has no jurisdiction to explore whether he made political mistakes, did terrible things, engaged in wrongdoing. Only criminal conduct!”
After Carl Bernstein jumped in, stating that this was “an extraordinary situation that we need to know about,” Dershowitz shot back.
“We will never find it out,” he noted. “It will always be done in secret. It should be a special investigative committee in which everything is done in the open.