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Friday, June 23, 2017

Kellyanne Conway is a Good Liar But Even She Can't Spin Trump Anymore

Kelly Anne Conway is making the the rounds of the News Shows today and it's just pathetic.
Yesterday trump complied with the Congressional Order to produce the "tapes" he invented to try unsuccessfully to intimidate Comey,  the former FBI Director who testified about trumps efforts to obstruct justice.
Kelly rattled on about,"Well, you didn't ask to see Obama's tapes, trump delivered the information on the tapes when he was ready to."(Actually. no, the deadline was set by congress).
As always Conway spouted, in rapid fire order all of the previous trump lies and some new ones, which given the inability of trump to tell the truth, (or even tell the same lies in the way he did earlier in the day) should have embarrassed even prize winning liar Conway.
This gaggle of crooks and inept fools must be removed before they commit an act that further damages the U.S