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Monday, December 29, 2008

Please Support Israel

12/29/2008 10:05 AM
Hello and season's greetings to you all.
I received, today, the appended email from Marty Davis in Ashkelon.Marty works for the World Zionist Organization in Jerusalem, travelling there daily from Ashkelon.
Sitting all day watching the TV reports on what is happening in Gaza, Marty's words hit a nerve.Some of you may remember when we had a representative from the Barzilai hospital to speak to us at Edgware Masorti Shul and told us how they treated Palestinians from Gaza while Hamas were rocketing them and how they had to move patients underground and had no space.
All the reports from Gaza seem to be telling us how the people of Gaza are living in fear of their lives, afraid to go out of the house and children and adults being traumatised. We are told how the streets are deserted, no cars, no people, no shops.
The world criticizes Israel yet anyone who has visited Sderot will know that this is exactly what the people of Southern Israel have been going through for years while the world has remained silent.Is there anything that we feel that we can do to help and support our bretheren in Israel.Can we be active in the media to get the message across that Israel has been suffering for all this time and no one cared?
-The World was silent for years while Israelis were being targeted.
The moment that Israel fought back, the UN called immediately for a
How does rocketing Israel dispose it to send the fuel and food the
Palestinians want?
Hamas chooses to bite the hand that feeds it and then expects help and cries
How can the world sit back, watch Hamas cause havoc and then thumb its nose
at Israel?
If Hamas and Gaza are dependent on Israel what is the point of them behaving
the way they do.
They are weak, totally dependent on handouts from Israel (and the UN and EU)
yet behave like they are superior to all.
Why are they short of food and medical supplies? They have been preparing for war for years, have smuggled in something like 20,000 rockets, guns and explosives. If they cared about their people would they not have stockpiled medicines?It makes no sense at all. How many Palestinians would have died if they
stayed in concrete bunkers like the Israelis are forced to do.
Israel tries to keep its people safe, Hamas puts them deliberately into
harms way so as to make political profit from the deaths.
How does 200 deaths compare what is happening in Darfur, Pakistan or Iraq?
Yet compare the coverage. 14 children died in a suicide attack in Iraq according to today's Times in a 2" column buried in the back of the paper.,
Adrian Korsner
Mercaz UK
Dear Friends,
One dead, four seriously wounded and five slightly wounded in rocket hit near Barzilai Medical Centre in Ashkelon.
As our house shakes and the sirens screech in the quiet morning hours we then hear the booms of the rockets as we wait in our shelters. In the 80's and 90's I remember travelling up north to visit the confrontation line settlements, who would know that today my home city of Ashkelon would be on the confrontation line. Most of the city's 120,000 residents remain at home close to shelters, while others continue working. Schools and day care facilities are closed and people are warned to stay indoors. The tension, especially for young families and the elderly is intense.
Is the city prepared? From the point of view of city planning and response yes. From the point of view of protection, not at all. There are areas with only neighbourhood underground shelters that cannot be reached in time and the elderly can not run down the stairs. The public facilities have not been properly protected. The hospital does not have underground emergency facilities. Funds are required immediately to provide safe rooms, hospital equipment, etc.
We are very supportive of the IDF's activities as the previous situation could not be allowed to continue, however we are in for continued rocket attacks until this ends.
May G-d be with us and protect us.

US Soldier Killed in Baghdad's Sadr CityWashington Post
- Dec 28, 2008
- 10 hours ago

Germany sides with Israel over Gaza escalation
International Herald Tribune
- Dec 29, 2008
- 3 hours ago
AP BERLIN: Germany has blamed Hamas for the escalation of violence

Arab Intellectual Discourse
Once again the scum of the world shows what they are made of.
Throwing a shoe at a man that the "reporter" couldn't compare to in courage or, obviously, intelligence.
One finds the Arabs drearily tiresome.
The civilized world drills their oil for them, tries to teach them about civilization and they behave like unschooled children.
The Arab world is giggling today.
They are celebrating the act of cowardice by the shoe-thrower.
Like they celebrated the murder of 3000 Americans in 2001.
I was pleasantly suprised to see that most of the civilized world sees the attack for what it is, even the Huffington Post condemned the stupidity of the display.
Meanwhile Arabs continue to launch bombs at Israel and support crime in other Islamic dictatorships.
The oil gluttons of the u.n. won't comdemn them, but the rest of the world is beginning to realize that they need to be forcefully civilized.
The day is coming.
Not a moment too soon.

Monday, December 29, 2008
Civlized World Supporting Israel's Self Defense

Terrorist sympathers, loonie leftists and Jew bashers, of course, support the criminal element receiving justice in Gaza.
PM Olmert, in one of the most shining moments of his tenure stated, "This is all out war to destroy Hamas."
Any knowledgeable individual would agree with that goal.
I guess one would need a bit of morality as well.

The Bush White house said, "Israel has the right to defend herself against the hundreds of missiles launched at her civilians in the last few days."
I think that says it all.

I hope the Hamas killers enjoy Hell, cause that is where they are going.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Quid Pro Quo (Hi Ho)

The corruption scandal involving Illinois Governor Blagojevich raises interesting questions.
First of all, from what we know of the case from released transcripts, it doesn’t really appear that Blagojevich was doing anything that most other politicians don’t do routinely.
The problem is the words he used.
If he had put his desires into other words, he would not be facing jail today.
There is an old saying, “There is always a quid pro quo.”
The vacant Senate seat, formerly held by Barrack Obama.
If he had interviewed politicians for the appointment, the interviews could have said,
“These are my qualifications. BTW, we are donating x dollars to your campaign, we have asked such and such a non-profit to appoint your wife to the board.”
Blagojevich could have responded by saying, “Well, I’m sure you know that if you are appointed it will be strictly because of your qualifications, we appreciate your efforts to help our campaign, and my wife will consider the job, but these items will not be part of my consideration in naming a person for the vacant seat.”
He could have considered every bribe, and as long as he didn’t actively solicit a bribe, he would have has no legal jeopardy whatsoever.
This is the way politics is done.
One of the more amusing aspects in the way the story is being covered is the expletives used by the Governor are spoken as “the F word.”
Reminds me of elementary School, “Teacher, Joey used the F-word!!”
The shock expressed by all the pundits and commentators is amusing, as well.
They are shocked by the use of “profane” language.

So much for the Governor.
Now, hopefully, our last words on OJ.
In my mind there is no doubt he was convicted because of his murder of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman.
I am glad he will be punished, finally.
Some have expressed dismay at the perception that the prosecution was based on his “getting away” with murder, and that the system was misused , therefore, impairing the credibility of the Justice system.
Innocent people are convicted everyday, guilty people are freed everyday.
Revenge prosecutions are extremely common.
I would not feel too sorry for OJ.
First of all, he is still beloved by much of the Black community; he will have lots of admirers in prison as well.
He will have a hi-def TV.
A DVD player.
A stereo.
A computer.
Illegal drugs.
Lots of food, snacks, etc.
If Nevada allows conjugal visits he will have sex, too.
Prison will not be as unpleasnent for this butcher as it was for say, Earl Krugel who never killed anyone or robbed anyone.
Prison is only harsh for the extremely poor.
Most people in prison should not be in prison at all.

OJ should be.

Michael Blackburn, Sr.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm Just waiting for a train

This is my regular Monday night, Tuesday morning blog.

Hello, everybody.
Thanksgiving is gone.
I'm not a big turkey fan.
Its cheap, but , I don't exactly anticipate eating it with a lot of relish.
Or without relish, for that matter.

Something kind of funny on cable access tonight.
There is an Islamic group that puts up video whenever they can, they don't preach on it, which is sensible since most Americans really don't want to hear from the Quoran crowd..they mostly show beautiful slides from the Hubble telescope, and they do a video of Cat Stevens "peace train" at the end of which they show a photo from him in the seventies, looking pretty cool, and a photo of him now, since he became a Muslim, looking quite a bit like Bin Laden.

Well, I was talking about thanksgiving.
I had smoked hot links and all the trimmin's.
Very tasty.
They were beef hot links.
Hebrew National.

I had things to be thankful for.
I am thankful that I have had so many beautiful children, and, life being filled with a balance of factors, I am thankful for their Mothers as well.
I am thankful for the friends I've had, only too aware that they were all basically as flawed as I am, and really, everyone else is too.
I guess I should be glad that life is still challenging, although I was thinking today about how most people are retired at my age, and it is probably a good age to retire, not that I can.

Channukah and Christmas are coming up.
As Howard Dean once said.

I hope to put up some autobiographical stuff soon.

Good luck, everyone.