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Friday, June 23, 2017

Kellyanne Conway is a Good Liar But Even She Can't Spin Trump Anymore

Kelly Anne Conway is making the the rounds of the News Shows today and it's just pathetic.
Yesterday trump complied with the Congressional Order to produce the "tapes" he invented to try unsuccessfully to intimidate Comey,  the former FBI Director who testified about trumps efforts to obstruct justice.
Kelly rattled on about,"Well, you didn't ask to see Obama's tapes, trump delivered the information on the tapes when he was ready to."(Actually. no, the deadline was set by congress).
As always Conway spouted, in rapid fire order all of the previous trump lies and some new ones, which given the inability of trump to tell the truth, (or even tell the same lies in the way he did earlier in the day) should have embarrassed even prize winning liar Conway.
This gaggle of crooks and inept fools must be removed before they commit an act that further damages the U.S

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Arab Gang Ambushes Policewoman in Jerusalem, Gang Leader Abbas Praises the Murderers

Israel revoked on Sunday the permits of 200,000 Arabs to enter Israel that were approved for the hate celebration of Ramadan following two near simultaneous "Palestinian" gang attacks on police that killed a young female office attacked from behind near Jerusalem's Old City.
Israeli defense body COGAT, posted the announcement on its Arabic language Facebook page. Earlier, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that preparations are underway to destroy the homes of the Arab attackers and tighten security at the entrance to the Old City, home to sensitive holy sites sacred to Jews and Christians.
Three Arab criminals armed with automatic weapons and knives ambushed officers on duty near the Old City in two locations Friday evening.
Police said Staff Sgt. Maj. Hadas Malka, 23, was rushing to respond to that initial attack nearby when a Palestinian assaulted her from behind with a knife in the back.
After the attack Malka wrestled with the gang member for several seconds as he stabbed her multiple times before other officers saw what was happening and opened fire, killing him, police said. She later died of her wounds in hospital.
Arab criminals consider ambushing a female and stabbing her in the back as a "heroic act", although most of the world considers it a wanton display of cowardice.
The Daesh gang took responsibility for the attacks, but two Palestinian criminal gangs, Hamas and People's Front for the Liberation of Palestine quickly retorted the three attackers were their members and accused IS of trying to undermine their crimes.
It's notable that three arab gangs are fighting over who gets credit for this cowardly murder.
At his weekly Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu lashed out at Arab gang leader Mahmoud Abbas for not condemning the attack.
Israel had previously announced its annual goodwill measures for Ramadan that included 200,000 thousand visiting permits for family visits for Palestinians from the West Bank and access for 100 Gaza residents to attend prayers at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque.
COGAT said the visiting permits were canceled but the prayer permits remain unchanged.
Netanyahu criticized the Palestinian government for not condemning the attack.
He called for the world to "demand the immediate cessation of Palestinian Authority payments to the families of Arab murderers of Jews, something that encourages terror."
Israel has long unsuccessfully pushed for the Palestinians to halt the "killer's fund" payments to roughly 35,000 families of Palestinians killed and wounded in their long-running unprovoked and cowardly attacks on Israel women and children.
Last week U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the Arab gangters had agreed to stop the payments but this was a typical lie.
Israel argues that such pay promote violence. It stepped up a campaign against the fund after a wave of Palestinian attacks began in September 2015.
Since then, Palestinian assailants have killed 43 Israelis, two visiting Americans and a British student, mainly in stabbing, shooting and car ramming attacks. In that period, some 250 Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire.  Most of them were homicidal  attackers.
At times the attacks were daily occurrences, but they have relatively subsided in recent months. However there have been a string of recent attacks near the Old City in east Jerusalem.
Israel captured the territory
in a defensive response during the 1967 war.
IJerusalem is Israel's eternal, undivided capital while Palestinians want the eastern sector as the capital of their future "state".
The fate of the area is an emotional issue at the heart of the conflict between Israel and the Arab terror nations.
Israel blames the violence on incitement by Palestinian political and religious and other criminal leaders on social media sites that glorify violence and encourage attacks.
Palestinians say it stems from anger over their hatred of Jewsand decades of Israeli rule in historical Jewish land.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Why I Hate President Trump

I wish I didn’t. But I do. Here’s why:

He’s a pathological liar, according to Republican Ted Cruz.

He’s a fake, a fraud, and a con-man, according to Republican Mitt Romney.

He convinced 81 percent of white evangelical Christian voters to throw Jesus under the bus to vote for a man who bragged about grabbing women “by the pussy.”

He fired the acting Attorney General in a Monday Night Massacre because she determined that the president’s executive order on immigration was constitutionally indefensible.

He’s created an environment in which a southern white man can shut down a northeastern white woman while she’s reading from the floor of the Senate the cautionary words of a heroic southern black woman about a southern white man, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, who was deemed too racist to be a federal judge in 1986.

He disrespects duly-appointed, Senate-confirmed federal magistrates: “so-called judges.”

He’s offended our friends and allies, treating the Mexican and Australian governments in much the same way he’s treated John McCain and Megyn Kelly and a disabled reporter and Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz and the Gold Star Khan Family and Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio and Rosie O’Donnell.

He hasn’t, as far as we know, paid federal income taxes in years, bragging that it’s smart on his part — meaning it’s dumb on our part to do so, thereby undermining citizen investment in shared governance. Nor has he released federal tax returns, as other presidential candidates have for the last 40 years.

His wife in New York City, his weekly trips to Mar-a-Lago, and his gallivanting children are costing us a fortune.

He’s sloppy with national security. Proof: Michael Flynn.

He’s given us a Secretary of Education who was born into and married into a billionaire family, has never attended a public school or taught in a public school, never taken out a student loan or applied for a Pell Grant, or even much supported our public schools.

He nominated a labor secretary (now withdrawn) who took advantage of an undocumented worker, pays his fast-food employees a shitty wage, and wants to replace humans with robots because they don’t take vacation days.

He’s put together an administration of the wealthy, by the wealthy, and for the wealthy.

He’s not kept his campaign promise to release documents and even hold a press conference to prove that the third Mrs. Trump never worked in the US illegally. (We know she lied about having a college degree and — knowingly or not — plagiarized part of Michelle Obama’s DNC speech.)

He said he’d negotiate lower drug prices from pharmaceutical companies. Now he says he won’t — but will give big pharma tax breaks and lift certain regulations on their industry.

He turned the nomination of a Supreme Court justice into the finale of a prime-time reality-show.

He knows little about the history of the United States, about our constitutional system, or about our institutions of government.

He has left millions of Americans who acquired health insurance via the ACA worried sick that this great benefit will be stripped from them.

His closest advisers have added to the chaos of the first weeks of the new administration: Kellyanne Conway and her universe of “alternative facts” — like the Bowling Green Massacre; Steve Bannon, who wants to play war with our military; Stephen Miller, who yells at the American people that the president’s views “will not be questioned!”; and Sean Spicer, period.

He uses Twitter to harangue and berate and demean individuals and journalists and companies that question his infallibility.

He’s rattled and incoherent, unfit and unqualified and unstable.

He uses fear and anxiety to bring out the worst impulses that lurk just beneath the surface to pimp for votes and deepen the crevasse between his America and the rest of us.

He has not drained the swamp, as he promised. It’s deeper. It’s wider. It’s even more dangerous.

The Russians. The Russians. The Russians.

Conservative Republicans would have crucified our former philosopher-president, Barack Obama, for behavior that even resembled that of our schoolyard bully president, Donald Trump. Where is their outrage now? President Turmp is not making America great again. He’s making America ugly again. But Republicans, who created this president in their laboratory of anger and resentment, will use President Trump as long as he’ll sign his John Hancock to their legislation.

He’s my tenth president. I’ve appreciated or admired something about all of them. Until now.


Rodney Wilson

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Another Traitor Stonewalls Before Congress

Today recused Attorney General Jeff (what me worry) Sessions, bigot (and so he claims, amnesiac)  took the stand, and just couldn't remember a thing.
How convenient.
He refused to answer questions about his conversations with trump on the grounds that someday trump may claim executive
These incompetent, dishonest hacks need to be removed from office.