Current statistics show 2.6 million Americans are now living in poverty, the highest in 70 years and began in 2008. Middle income salaries have remained stagnant for the past 12 years. The only jobs bill component Republicans have agreed on was giving employers who hire vets a tax cut.

Gov. Mitch Daniels (R-IN has told Republicans to gt off social issues and concentrate on the economy and jobs. While I disagree with many of Daniels policies, I have to give him credit for keeping the state operating in the black.

We now know that the Iraq was had no basis in fact. There were no WMDS. The chemicals Saddam used on his own people were degraded. Our grandson was in the first convoys entering Iraq. Their orders were to keep rolling, not to stop.

We all heard the warnings of mushroom clouds. When the inspectors weren’t finding any evidence, they were kicked out before their job was finished. Curiosity got the best of me and I went to the IAEA website and found a wealth of information. They had uncovered stores of yellow cake, listed how much, country of origin and how it was disposed of. It was all degraded—useless. No evidence of a nuclear bomb!

What’s been the cost of the 10-year-old Iraq War? Were over 4,000 Americans cilled worth it? The Bush administration kept the financial cost off the books through using supplementals.

Republicans are now insisting that every proposal of the Obama administration be paid for, yet ever single Republican congressional leader rubber stamped every single Bush proposal—two unfunded wars, unfunded tax cuts and an unfunded prescription drug plan. That’s what I call gross hypocrisy!

Since the Obama administration took office, 1.2 million jobs have been added. When they took office, over 200,000 jobs were being lost monthly. Although jobs aren’t coming fast enough, that’s 1.2 million more now paying taxes.

While Republicans keep searching for an alternative to Romney, they have one in their midst. A former governor, experienced in diplomacy, particularly in China. John Huntsman has served under Bush I, Bush II and Obama. He put country service above party politics. But, of course, he’s a Morman.

Look at the rest of the field. Never mind Herman Cain’s sexual harassment charges, his woeful ignorance of foreign affairs is bone chilling! He didn’t know China has had nuclear weapon over 40years, couldn’t answer questions about Libya but claims he’d rely on advisors. Who’s the decision maker?

Michelle Bachman obviously flunked history. Her latest from the debate was that China should be a role model for the US to follow in that they have no social programs. But then they also have no freedom. Is that the role model for the US? What about human rights? What about their pollution of the environment?

Ron Paul is this years Ross Perot. He of the comment that the uninsured should be left to die in the street.

Newt Gingrich, a serial adulterer, a man who told his wife he was divorcing her while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer. He couldn’t wait to marry an intern whom he later divorced to marry yet another intern.. A deadbeat dad who refused to pay child support for his children but he could run up a half million dollars of debt supplying his third wife with jewels. Small wonder his children have turned their backs on him. Then there’s also the small matter of the house finding him guilty of ethics violations and fined him $300,000. He’s also a lobbyist and the ultimate Washington insider.

There’s Mitt Romney. His most asinine comment came during the last debate that if Obama was re-elected, Iran would have the nuclear bomb but if he was elected, they wouldn’t! He also has to explain his numerous flip flops. As governor, he excelled in arbitrage and shipping US jobs overseas.

It was astounding the number of Republican candidates who are ready to go to war against Iran! That, too, is bone-chilling! They haven’t learned that wars are easier to start but harder to end. Americans are sick of war—the financial drain and the lives lost. Hartmas was the only one brave enough to say we need to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan NOW. That’s an opinion shared by the majority of the American public, both Republicans and Democraats. But since when do we the people have a voice? We’re only the ones who provide the bullet sponges..

Sadly, both Lindsey Graham and DeMint sat in the font row grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cats. Thrilled by the red meat being tossed around..

Rick Santorum showed the most sensible logic regarding foreign aid. While Perry and others would eliminate it, Pakistan, Israel and India have nuclear weapons. Wouldn’t it make more sense to keep them as allies? Foreign aid consumes one percent of the budget.

The Republican party is FUBAR!

As for our family, we’ll stick with President Obama. Why not look up the long list of things he’s achieved? Bet you won’t. That would mean facing reality!