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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Corporations Control the Politics of the US

Today it seems there  is a lot of hate in politics. 
Pundits like to point out that politics has always been "dirty". 

Here is what I see: all around, good people, warm hearted people, well meaning people, like yourself. 
Good people on the right, like McCain or Alan Dershowitz on the left. 

People like Noam Chomsky. 

I have seen Chomsky debate Alan Dershowitz. 
Dershowitz clearly makes the case that we here are familiar with, and Chomsky makes the Arab case. 
My guess is that it's because an Arab "charmed" him. 
Have you known any Arabs? 
They can be extremely charming. 
He is a good man with a good heart, yet he is completely wrong on Israel. 
People have a tendency to agree completely with those they really like or admire. 

That's why some people like Obama, and some like Ronald Reagan. 
Obama seems to be mainly practicing the art of politics. 
He is trying to say the right things and do the right things to be re-elected. 
But he's not a Communist. 
I've read his books, I've heard his speeches and listened to people who have known him well. 
Obama wants to remain President. 
That is his goal, that is what he is committed to. 
Economics drives politics. 
It's all about economics. 

I believe corporations control the politics of the US,  others believes "the people" do, and that Communists are trying to take over, and that that is the major political economic conflict, that and Islamism, should be our concerns. 

One reason so many people are uncertain about what to do or how to sort out the political complexities is that our major problems today are economic, and economics are complicated, purposely. 

I think we as a nation need to be united, because the elite, the corporate elite, are united, and their interest is the bottom line, not the country or its people.