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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen Specter

As the U.S. comes more into line with the rest of the civilized world, a major shift in the politics of the country is under way.
Arlen Specter has joined the ranks of enlightened members of congress.
Michael Steele, in a bit of unintentional hilarity said that Specter switched to become a Democrat because of his "left wing voting record."
It seems more and more that the Republican party will continue to become irrelevant.
Bad news for the far right.
Good news for America.

I recently had someone ask me if there are "good Muslims".
Of course there are good Muslims.
There are good Christians, aren't there?
People are different, but as a rule, everyone loves their Mother and Father, they tend to smile at puppies, kittens and little children.
True, some Mothers murder their children, and some children murder their parents, but these are aberrations, not the norm or the definitive traits of people.
Obviously many Muslims today believe stories explained to them in a way that elicits murder of others.
Just like the Christians did when they murdered Jews during the crusades and a multitude of other times.
Muslims will hopefully, as a group, become more moderate.
At some point they may come to believe that religion is bad information.
Until then, they should moderate their behaviour, as the Jews and the Christians have.